Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chocolate makes the world go round...

This morning, Ken drank a half cup of tea with sugar. Drank. He says his ability to swallow is much improved today. We look forward to continued progress!! We see a new doctor tomorrow afternoon. Ken wasn't here long enough to establish a primary care physician before everything hit the fan, so in order to maintain his day-to-day meds, the time is now! On Wednesday afternoon, we have our first return visit with Dr. Wu (along with some blood work). Then, next Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Woods (radiation oncologist). Can't wait to see the look on his face when we tell him all of the pain meds Ken is in need of no longer! Whoo hoo!!

Our amazing son began his eight hour drive to Virginia this morning. We are so very excited for him, and so very proud of him! Godspeed baby!! We will miss you for the next couple of weeks.

I don't know if this can be classified as "humor", but it is definitely  a "luck of the Alward's" moment:
Last night, as the day was finally winding down and Ken was tucked in for a good night's sleep, I received a phone call. Prior to leaping across the kitchen floor to grab the phone before it woke Ken, I had been relaxing in my recliner (which I have christened, "Sherman"), munching on a wonderful chocolate and almond candy bar. I had consumed about half when I decided to wrap the remaining bar and weight it down with the t.v. remote control which was on a side table. I took the phone call in the garage (so as not to wake anyone). At calls end, I returned to the kitchen where I spied my cat curled up in Ken's recliner. Normally, when I vacate my chair, the cat immediately makes that empty, warm spot his own. Then, I looked at the floor...ripped up candy wrapper everywhere!!  I look at Joey (our ever-present companion dog), as he is curled up on the oriental rug and NOT in Ken's chair. Let's see...Chocolate...Dog...(smug cat)...PANIC!!  Everyone knows that dogs and chocolate do not mix, right?  I immediately do a google search to see just how much chocolate is actually poisonous for a dog, etc. The decision to have the dog sleep next to me on "Sherman" is the only logical step. I would have to be vigilant for any signs of wheezing, vomiting, seizures and the like all night long. Let's just say that trying to sleep in a recliner with a 26 pound dog on your chest isn't really conducive to a good nights sleep! However, the dog had no adverse reactions, and is now demanding Russell Stovers French Mints!  Ha! (The cat slept like a log!)

So, the sun is shining brightly on this fine Monday morning. We look forward to seeing what Ken is able/willing to further consume as this day unfolds. Wish him luck!

Hug your pets...but, NO CHOCOLATE TREATS,

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