Monday, April 23, 2012

Keep it down, keep it down, waaaay down...

Not unlike the weather's unpredictability of late, Ken's overall progress continues to baffle and confuse me. Thankfully, we have enjoyed the opportunity to stay at home without any emergency runs to the hospital!!
We breathe a sigh of relief every time a feeding is "contained", and smile broadly when another pain medication is set aside. But, the healing timetable that lay ahead has no schedule.
Every day we take care to document every movement, every infusion, every grimace...
We wait (we should be good at this by now) and we watch and we HOPE!! It will come together all at once, that's what we're told. But, as to when this will occur, it's a crap shoot at best.

While we have no idea what tomorrow will hold, we take some comfort in the knowledge that there are some aspects of the Alward household that will be trending toward the positive in very short order. At this point, we stand humbled and grateful for the extreme generosity of family and friends!!

I have decided that when Ken is better and people ask what we will do next, the answer will be SLEEP!!
Perhaps at Disney World????  HAHAHAHAAAAA!

While pictures from happier times may not be what you are hoping for today, please know that these are the moments we are striving to achieve once more. This photo was taken of Ken and a friend of mine when we visited Longwood Gardens in 2008.

This was taken shortly after we moved into our home in Pennsylvania. So many happy memories...

And, finally, the way that I envision us in the future. Okay, we'll be older...but, you get the idea. This is the image I keep in my mind. This is what drives me to make sure Ken gets everything he needs to get this life back again. And he will!!!

So, smile whenever you think of Ken this week. You gotta know he's smiling when he thinks about y'all...


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