Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Try, try again...

Ken was released from the hospital late yesterday afternoon. He has a new bag full of medications and instructions on how to swallow, what to swallow, and when to attempt to swallow. This is all good. We are moving into the next phase of healing and forward momentum. Believe me, this could all be so much worse. We are taking it a day (hour, minute) at a time. I was a little thrown yesterday when the pharmacy bill was around three hundred dollars ( $209 from an inhaler), but after much discussion with our insurance company (45 minutes), I think there will be some reimbursement. Of course, there will be paperwork involved. Of course there will...

Everyone involved with Ken's care has been fabulous. We had the opportunity to meet with some new department staff  that we hadn't dealt with previously. Respiratory care and Speech (for swallowing, not talking...yet). Such dedicated people, and so very kind. We have been most fortunate, indeed.

Ken is chomping at the bit to get his life back on track. His trips to "the roundhouse" have been messing with his psyche, but we think that the next few days will really make a huge impact on his recovery . (Don't know why the need for train analogies today. Just going with the flow.)

Once again, the dog was beside himself to have his human back home. He really turns himself inside-out when his daddy's in the house. Gotta love that kind of devotion! That's not to say that Jess and I  aren't just as thrilled to have Ken back here with us. We have just learned to expect the unexpected, don'tcha know.

No, there are no pictures today. Perhaps the next tale will include Ken weight-lifting, or working with power tools, or training the cat to use the potty...hahaahaaahaaaaaaa!!!

So, while there has been humor lately, it really hasn't been the sort that should be shared in print. Just let your mind wander (start with an emergency room nurse that felt it was necessary to get a rectal temp because she thought Ken's throat was sore (??). And no, she didn't ask if that was the case!! Imagine my face when I came back from parking the car, opened the door and...

Got a list of errands a mile long, so it's time to run. Hope your day is special in every good way possible.

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