Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garbage and recycle...

It may be just another Tuesday for you guys, but for us, it's "the day to take the garbage to the curb" day. The sanitation engineers come verrryyy early in the morning, so we have to prepare the night before. Every other week we must add our recyclables to the mix. Since Jess usually takes care of this for us, and he is far, far away, I actually had to text him to remind me if this was a one or two can trip to the curb. (I will be dragging two cans down the road this evening, thank you very much.)

Ken had his initial appointment with his new Primary Care Physician yesterday. It went very well. The doctor is very thoughtful, kind, inquisitive, and calming. He is an internal medicine guy, which I have always thought made the best primary care docs. Ken seems to really feel comfortable with him, and the doctor has assured us that we can feel confident in his ability to handle most other "specialty" situations that may crop up in the future. That is a wonderful thing. We weren't looking forward to endocrinologists and gastro-docs in the days ahead.
Next scheduled appointment is in July. (Blood work to check thyroid in a couple weeks.) After a complete exam, Ken was declared to be in pretty good shape, for the shape he's in...hahahahaha!

Gotta be quick as errands must be done by noon today, so a silly photo of Ken and I, yesterday post exam. If this isn't funny, what is?
Tomorrow's appointment and blood work should be quick and easy...


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