Friday, April 20, 2012

What are the odds...

My money is on Ken finally turning the corner towards resoundingly good health!! He was discharged from the hospital early this afternoon. Before I picked him up, I made my pharmacy rounds and picked up some new equipment that would allow me to keep Ken at home should any further problems arise. With the suction machine, the medication to help the food absorb faster, the reduction in  pain medications, and the gravity-drip feeding, I am hopeful that we may actually get to spend some time at home again!

Ken seems better. Little bits of voice appear every once in a while. However, he can't use the phone yet, as it really strains his vocal cords. But, it will come back. I am sure of it!!

Joey was a total mess while Ken was gone. He got so wild-eyed with grief...I just had to take a picture to share with you...

Our humor comes from an incident that happened to yours truly last evening. So, all day long I had listened to one nurse after another tell me I looked "terrible", "tired", "exhausted", "just awful", and so on. When I explained that I was, indeed, all of those things, they suggested that I go home and have one glass of red wine to help me relax enough to get some rest. This seemed like a reasonable suggestion. I picked up one of those adorable little mini bottle four-packs at the gas station on my way home from the hospital. After I had completed everything on my to do list, I took a lovely, long-stemmed glass from the cupboard and into it I poured the contents of one of my little bottles. I raised the glass towards my lips when OUT OF NOWHERE this fly decides to race me to my drink. The fly hit the wine first...and drowns! The fly and the wine both went down the drain. I had a glass of milk and went to bed (and NO, I didn't sleep very well).Haahaa. When I told Ken about my drama, he said he would've fished the fly out and had the wine. After all, the alcohol would kill the germs...

Here's hoping that Kenny Boy will continue to improve every day from here on out!! 
Cheers to you and yours,

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