Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And then there was one...

This morning we were met with those fateful words, "Um, it may be awhile. The machine isn't down. It's the table. We're calling the repairman, so if you don't want to wait..."
The TABLE. The table? Yeah, we're gonna wait. (I LOVE our radiation techs. They always manage to keep their cool while I am losing mine. Thank goodness!)

But, they fixed the table within a couple hours, and KEN HAD HIS NEXT TO LAST RADIATION TREATMENT!!!!! One more day to go!!

The following pictures are from yesterday's chemo. Yes, Ken was scheduled for his favorite floor and had the chance to say goodbye to some of the very special nurses who have been helping us deal with this cancer stuff right from the beginning. We thank them and ALL of the amazing staff at both the cancer center and the hospital for their kindness, patience, and professional care each and every visit. We remember back when we were so new and afraid of what was to come, and they all understood and were  willing to help in whatever way possible. We appreciate you, one and all!!!!

Marti  (on Ken's right) was our very first nurse during Ken's first hospitalization.

And, speaking of do we begin to thank the sales staff at Janosik's for their most recent card/gift, and the pictures everywhere, and...well, you KNOW what else!! Ken laughed SO hard (which really takes some doing)! We will never forget everything you've done, as it has kept us going when it got pretty dismal.

Can't wait for this time tomorrow...


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