Monday, April 9, 2012

Patience is a virtue I do NOT possess...

This will be short and to the point: Ken is still in the hospital, and will probably remain there for awhile. There is no sense in discharging him too soon this time. Like we were told, the worst part is the last two weeks following the end of treatment. All that chemo and radiation have been building up in Ken's system and now he has to pay the price. We also found Ken's thyroid medication needed to be tweaked, so that's been done as well. Lots of respiratory and dietary visits kind of round out the whole experience. He needs rest, peace and quiet, the ability to swallow, to be able to absorb his nutrition, to get the gross gelatinous goo out of his lung, and to get his taste buds and voice to return ASAP. Not asking for much...

Will keep you posted. Gonna be a nail biter, but we all know how it'll end!


  1. Just want you to know we are praying for you guys!
    Love you! ~Tina B.

  2. Good thoughts & prayers headed your way.....Know he can do it---know you can do it.....Just hang in there & think of better days ahead.
    Barb Hart White

  3. My prayer is for STRENGTH. May God provide each person involved the personal strength needed to make the difference in Ken's healing.
    Paula you have been the cornerstone in Ken's house. I pray for the day when you can sleep a peaceful sleep and for as long as needed to give you the rest you deserve.

    Again, I want to say THANK YOU for sharing Ken with us and allowing us to be a part of the journey.
    Please keep us posted.
    As always, give Ken a big hug & kiss from us.