Thursday, April 5, 2012


After holding my breath (figuratively) since 2/1/2012, the ability to finally exhale is nothing short of exhilarating!
Yes, Ken's final radiation treatment went off without a hitch. While there was no bell to ring (I am told there will be one by next week, and Ken's invited back to ring it), I had downloaded some special sound effects buttons to my phone, and Ken pushed the TRUMPET upon his emergence from the magic door. Amid much clapping and woot wooting, I snapped a couple pictures for y'all. Wanted you to share in the moment, ya know? If Ken looks kinda shell-shocked, please remember he just had twenty minutes of high dose radiation (and pain killers), and I lined everyone up and snapped away.

While this phase of treatment can now officially be laid to rest, we look forward to the follow-ups, the PET scans, the finding of a primary care doctor, and the business of LIVING. Throughout this process, Ken has always been thinking about receiving the treatments, and how best to cope. I have always been thinking about what to do if he couldn't have a treatment (machine being down, weather being too bad to get there, car breaking down, getting sick and being hospitalized, etc.). Knowing that we can focus on something besides the possibility of negative things to find ways to a gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We'll continue to keep you abreast of Ken's progression toward becoming cancer free, as long as y'all are interested. Thank you for caring about us.

Kind of reminds me of a cocoon...
Warren and Susan saw us through some dicey treatments!

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  1. WOOT WOOT!!! GOOD NEWS DAY FROM YOU!!! Glad you can look forward to better days...hope you have a great weekend....get some rest & relax!
    Barb Hart White