Monday, April 2, 2012

We're sliding into home...

This weekend was a particularly difficult time for our Ken. When he came home from the hospital, he had some difficulty with his tube feedings (nausea, lack of interest due to pain), and I really had doubts as to whether or not he should have been released at all. But, at his appointment today, the doctor congratulated him on how well he has done throughout this ordeal. His weight has kept fairly steady, whereas we found out that the majority of patients who go through this particular treatment tend to lose in the vicinity of twenty pounds (which causes havoc on their treatment and it's outcome). Ken has continued to bounce back from everything that has happened, and the doctor even gave us positive news regarding the possibility of Ken's voice coming all looks very positive! Can you see me doing my happy dance?  Well, it 's a little premature. We still have three (3) treatments to go, and aren't sure about tomorrow's scheduled chemo appointment. Let's just hope that all the blood work from this morning looks good enough to allow for one more session.

The skin breakdown that appeared on Sunday had all but disappeared this morning. This allowed the continuation of the process that we KNOW will bring about success from this arduous journey. To witness the pain and suffering of someone you care about is never anything wished upon one's worst enemy. Allowing someone to enter into the agonizing treatments necessary to eradicate their cancer is a decision that no one should ever have to make. But, once it is underway, the decision by the patient to continue allowing someone to cause them such is mind boggling. If a wish could make it so, I would wish that every person that had to make this decision would, at the very least, experience a complete cure with no possibility of recurrence in their lifetime!!!

Tomorrow will be the last major hurdle on the path to completion. At this point, I think Ken would crawl across broken glass to get to the end on Thursday. But, maybe that's just the morphine talking...

Thanks to all of you for your constant support. We feel it everyday.


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