Saturday, April 7, 2012

Home for the Holidays...

Happy Easter eve, everyone!!
Since Ken wasn't able to make the trip to Indiana to be with his family for the holiday, I guess he felt that the next best thing would be to spend it with his "extended family" here in Delaware. Yes, he is back in the hospital (oncology floor ;) again. This time he decided to shake things up and be admitted for pneumonia. I brought him in last night after he had a day of feeling nauseous, and developing some shortness of breath with a low grade fever. Sure enough, he was dehydrated (again), and showed one lung with a little pneumonia.

He will be fine. He is in his pampered kingdom being waited on by some of the best nurses on the planet!! Yeah, there are some needles and tubes to contend with, but that's a small price to pay in the overall scheme of things, right?

We had the pleasure (?) of meeting  Marti's son (remember her pictures from the last blog?) in the emergency room. He came in to draw blood and after a short conversation about the amazing staff on 2 south, he said that his mom worked there. He was kinda surprised that I just happened to have a couple pictures of her hugging on my husband. What a nice, professional young man! Anyhoo, I am including his picture with today's note.

Please don't be alarmed by this newest of speed bumps. After all, it IS a holiday, and where have we spent every holiday since Christmas? Yep! You guessed it.  As long as Kenny W. is getting the care he needs to recover, it's all good. (But I gotta tell ya, I am NOT watching fireworks from the hospital. The view from the oncology floor is not great!! Ha!)

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter! I am off to organize an Easter Egg hunt for the nurses!(You think I'm kidding...)

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