Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ring in the new...

Ken's appointment with the medical oncologist and subsequent blood work went off without a hitch. Everything looks like it should be looking at this point in the recovery process. We even got to drop a couple of medications that have been an absolute pain in the butt to have to pulverize, and then dilute, and THEN inject into the PEG tube. So glad they are no longer necessary!! Next follow-up will be in June (God willing and the creek don't rise  ;)

With much pride and joy, I am including a couple of pictures of Ken as he took his turn at RINGING THE BELL at the cancer center (to let everyone in a five block radius know that he had completed his cancer treatments)!!!!  While the bell wasn't yet available when he actually had his last radiation/chemo fun-fest, the administration promised me that a bell would be installed, and Ken was invited to come and ring the heck out of it. Yesterday, he did just that. The first photo is from the tentative little ring (which Ken said could be heard by the angels), but did NOT fly with me. The second photo is where he was ringing that bell loud and clear, and the expression on his face tells the story, right??? (Yeah, it's kinda blurry...I was kinda blurry at that moment.)

I can't tell you what it felt like to have Ken ringing that bell and to see the expressions on the faces of all the patients in the waiting room (and the room was packed) who were looking forward to the day when they could experience that same relief and release! Talk about a cathartic experience...

Looking forward to better days...


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  1. Good for Ken & Good for you for the bell ringing ceremony!!! Ring out the old & ring in the new...what an inspiration for the other caner folks too!