Saturday, May 5, 2012

Missing all y'all...

The last couple days have been very nondescript. Lots of "more of the same", and so forth. Ken had a nasty bit of stomach upset in the car the other day. I had to get gas for the mower, and Ken rode along. He felt he would be okay pumping the gas. We went on to a Taco Bell drive through (for me, darn), and about a block later...well, let's just say things got interesting. We travel with all the necessary buckets, basins, blankets, etc., but it was not fun for either of us. Ken, for obvious reasons, and me, well, my lunch was in the back seat... As I sped along towards home (which wasn't right around the corner), I had my explanation ready for any poor police officer who would feel compelled to pull us over. It never happened, thankfully. Ken was fine once we got home. Just came out of the blue and left as quickly as it had begun. Ewwww! Glad we were prepared, right?

So the front yard mowing was accomplished within seconds of a major downpour yesterday. Timing is everything! Felt bad for the neighbor across the street. He wasn't done with his lawn when it hit! Today, it's the backyard...

I haven't any fun photos to share, and no particularly funny anecdotes. But, I will let you in on a nasty, little secret of mine. I have become addicted to something since this whole mess began. I am addicted to...SOLITAIRE!  There, I've admitted it. According to my phone, I have exceeded 1,000 games in the last couple months. This simple game has helped me to cope, function, wake-up, and calm down. I have learned that you can't win every hand, or be tempted to give up if it's not looking like an easy win. It has taught me that every deal for every game is another opportunity to try again. My brain needed the three a.m. games to wake up enough to feel confident driving Ken for his treatments. My ego needed the mid-afternoon games to prove that I still had the ability to do something right on occasion. My emotions needed the evening games to put the day behind me, and clear the decks of all the stuff that had been building up and would otherwise have kept me awake all night. So, this addiction has been one that I will be more than happy to quit...when Ken is KEN again. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts, and if you feel like emailing or texting Ken...give it a shot. He misses y'all very much!!

Have a wonderful weekend,

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  1. Well, shoot, I'll email him...what's his email---not that MY life is anything spectacular but, hey, you just never know what might bring a smile to his face...we ARE pretty funny people sometimes!!!