Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bright, sunshiny day...

The sun is really bright today. Great day to mow...again! Sure wish I could soup up my mower's engine  and at least get a little wind in my hair while I race back and forth across the yard!! Ha!

So, this morning Ken awoke and said, "I think I'll drink some hot tea." Then I suggested that Jess eat a banana. Ken said, "Hey Jess, I think I want to try some banana today. Wanna split one with me?" Then he proceeded to drink his tea and EAT HIS BANANA!!! No problem! Just like he had been chomping down solid food for months. Eureka!!  The desire to eat is returning. While a steak is a ways down on the preferred menu for now, to have him eating at all (and something besides liquids or pudding) is quite the magical event!  (Yeah, lots of exclamation points today...and I'm not done yet!)

After breakfast, Ken says, "Hey Paula. Do you think we could go to the mall or someplace today? I used my hand weights, but I want to get some more exercise." We went to Sam's Club and Ken walked around. Then he left to walk to Wal-Mart to get Milk Bones for his best friend. Then he walked back to Sam's Club. Are you getting a smile on your face yet? Are we starting phase two of this extravaganza??

Best part of all...strongest medication is now ibuprofen. Ken has managed to detox from the narcotics (after dealing with some withdrawal symptoms), and is now down to but a few little pills a day! Whoop Whoop!
Yeah. He is even getting his funny back! He decided we should take a picture of him with our (my) cat, Yaya, because they never get their picture taken together. So, today's picture is of Ken and MY best buddy.
Doesn't Yaya look like he's enjoying being cuddled by Ken? Hahahahahhaha!

Have a splendid weekend everyone,

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