Saturday, May 12, 2012


We come to you today with much gratitude and joy!! 
 First, our son has returned from his "mission" with a renewed sense of hope and happiness. We applaud his strength and hard-work! Congratulations on a job well-done!!!!!  Your life will be forever changed in such a positive way!!
Secondly, , we stand humbled and appreciative of what is being presented on our behalf in Pennsylvania this evening. While Ken and I are not able to attend, Jess will be on hand to "represent", as it were. A ginormous THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to Jessi and Kurt.
Whatever the outcome from this event, we have been so blessed to have such friends as y'all!!!!!!
It is said that you don't really know who your friends are until times get tough. Those that vanish were never true friends, but those that remain to help...well, we have MANY FRIENDS!!!!!!!! And we are so, overwhelmingly, grateful for your love and support.

Thank you,

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