Thursday, May 10, 2012

A day near normal...

This blog is taking forever to write this morning. It isn't because I am having  major difficulty with content overview. It is because every time the sun goes behind a cloud (every thirty seconds), my server goes dormant. Geez. Frustrating much??? Sorry, just a rant...

So, yesterday, Ken went into work to get some reports run that he will need for his "work from home" reality. He immediately broke every rule we had discussed (no hugging, no kisses, no lingering chats), but I can't really blame him. He really, REALLY misses everyone. And, I am very happy to report that as of this moment, there have been no regressions in his march towards recovery. So all-in-all, it was a great visit. To say that Ken is eager to get back to work is the understatement of the year. He is looking forward to putting this all behind him and living his life again. Can you blame him? I know I can't.

Anyway, I had a chance to snap a few pictures when I came to pick him up. I think that maybe Ken was missed just a little bit. It seems that there were a few interesting additions to his work space while he was gone. What am I talking about?  Here you go...

Waaayyy too funny!!  There is no need for additional humor, therefore, consider this blog post at an end for today. (And there are additional pictures of these crazy folks...may post them later!)

Hope your day is blissful,

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