Friday, May 18, 2012

Man of Steel...

Wow! Has this week flown by or what?? It seems like just yesterday that we turned the calendar page to MAY, and here we are, already half-way through the month. When Ken was in treatment the days dragged so slowly that we thought they would go on forever. Now, as we meet each day with anticipation and hard won progress, the days are flying past at lightning speed! (Sure wish the grass growth would SLOW DOWN!)

I admit to having been remiss in my blogging duties this past week. Ken has been, dare I say it, without "incident" since last weekend. He has conquered applesauce, diced peaches, mixed fruit, mashed potatoes, and even water to a certain degree. (All of these things were ingested by mouth.) While he is still no where near losing the feeding tube, we see a bright light at the end of this long, long tunnel. Finally!! It seems that the need for pain medications has faded to a minimum, not much more than for an "average" sore throat. To say I am psyched...well, obviously! The main thing is that a small sense of normalcy is just beginning to re-enter our existence. It's not over yet, but it's a comin'!!!!

Mr. Alward made two (2) appearances at work this week. One was for an evening meeting, the other to drop off some paperwork/report-type stuff. These visits tend to wear him out a bit, but he smiles at even the prospect of returning to the job and people he has missed so much.

The rest of this month will be (fingers crossed) medical appointment free. Starting in June, we run the gauntlet of appointments culminating  in a PET scan at month's end. Obviously, we are hoping for the findings to be all positive, but for now, we count each day's accomplishment as much more important in the scheme of things.

The countdown for Jess to jettison into his new life has officially begun...enough said. (Who am I kidding? Of course it will be hard to let him go, but, IT IS HIS TIME!) Thank God for SKYPE!! Now, if I could just get our internet connection to stay connected for more than five minutes at a time...HA!

No pictures today, as my download is still downloading...

Have a weekend to remember,
P.S. Congratulations to Anne Elizabeth Snyder, PhD. You should be so VERY proud of what you have accomplished!

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