Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Welcome back...

This morning started out ridiculously well. Ken had a voice for a couple hours! I mean a REAL voice. It wasn't back to normal, but it was loud enough to be heard. That voice was recorded on my phone where it will stay until the next "upgrade" takes place. Ken was able to talk to his mom on the phone for the first time in months. She was so excited to hear his voice.

The appointment with the radiation oncologist ran a little late, but it gave us ample time to bring snacks to the radiation techs, and to visit with a few of our favorite hospital staff members. I had the chance to personally thank the cancer center director for getting the "bell" installed. She liked the pictures of Ken ringing the bell with a huge smile on his face. It made her day.

Yes, there is a picture from today's appointment. How do you think he looks? Hmmmm?
I think he's starting to look like himself again. That makes me very happy. Can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring...

We hope your tomorrow is wonderful,

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