Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Why is the laundry room under water?"

Good Morning!
Ken came home from work Friday night, and wasn't feeling great. Sometimes it's hard to figure out whether he's tired, or the thyroid meds need adjustment, or it's something entirely different. Since he felt better Saturday, I guess he was simply tired. Of course, Saturday morning began with the question as to why the water was overtaking the laundry room?? The day quickly became about enabling the boys to get their showers while I bailed water from the ever increasing torrent coming from our hot water heater. A call to the landlord (who is very good, by the way), gave hope that a plumber would be coming soon. I turned the water off, bailed the remaining water, and cleaned up the mess after the guys headed to work. The plumber(s) arrived and said the new water heater wouldn't be available until Monday...WHAT????
No, we didn't have to be without hot water for the weekend. After a tutorial about the workings of hot water heaters, a suggestion was made that perhaps it didn't need replacing so much as repairing the signal box. Was that part available?? Yes!! The second plumber (the initial plumber's father), arrived with part in hand. As of this morning, we are still high, dry, and very relieved. So, anyone out there praying that we would experience some diversion to take our minds off of the upcoming treatment plan...please, stop! Or, suggest a more positive experience this time, ok?

We will consider this our humorous episode for the week...

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  1. Hot water heater leaks are NOT a good diversion. Wish I had a way to give you some hours with my little guy - now THAT can be pretty diverting. I will hunt around and see if I can find some videos of his more ridiculous antics.

    Thank you for the latest post!