Thursday, January 19, 2012

More to the dental than we thought...

Ken's dental appointment was really great, as far as having a clean bill of health for any other cancers (mouth, tongue), however, he had a small cavity beneath a crown that needed to be taken care of before his radiation starts. I think my heart literally skipped a beat when they said, "It'll be another thousand dollars". OK. So yesterday, back to the dentist for phase one of the new crown fitting. Hopefully, if the lab follows through like they promised, and the UPS guy isn't late, we'll finish this up next Wednesday. We still do not have a date for the feeding tube placement, but I hope to hear from them today.

Another round of paperwork is staring me in the face this morning. While it would be REALLY nice for me to have the income from a job, I don't see how in the world we could keep up with the appointments, paperwork, pharmacy runs, food preparation, and everything else that cancer brings to bear, without the extra time it takes to handle all this stuff. I am grateful that Ken is able to concentrate on getting himself well, and doesn't have to mess around with the peripheral nonsense. God bless all the cancer patients that have to go through their struggle by themselves. God bless them all, period!

Ken is already planning on taking part in a cancer walk, when he is well...gotta love it!!! Chin's up, everyone.
Hope and humor rule the day...

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  1. I wonder if there is some loophole we could find re: the dental. That's just nuts.

    No kidding about all the work that comes with this - it's a full-time job. I hope you are having some time to just relax and read junk novels or whatever!

    P.S. Can you send me your current address? I think the one I have is old.

    Love to all of you!