Friday, January 13, 2012

The waiting game

Ken returned to work yesterday. He hopes to be able to continue until his treatment plan begins in early February. Sitting at home, not feeling he's contributing (ridiculous!), has really been driving him crazy. The effects of cabin fever were becoming detrimental to a more positive outlook, so he got cleared to return to work. While I am not all that thrilled with the prospect of germs and overexertion entering the picture, Ken has assured me that he will not over do it, and will use LOTS of hand sanitizer.

Keeping lots of high-fat, home cooked meals at the ready has become a very important component of my daily routine.We need to get some extra weight on Ken now, before the fun begins, and he can be kind of picky as to what he thinks he'd be willing to eat. However, while attempting to throw one meal in the crock pot while preparing another stove top, and answering phone calls, and filling out paperwork...well, let's just say that the crock pot meal doesn't necessarily cook real well while the setting is on KEEP WARM instead of LOW. Geez! I guess I provided the comic relief for the day, right? Gotta keep the humor...

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