Saturday, January 7, 2012

Post doctor visit and pathology report

So, we met with the surgeon's PA yesterday, and got the lowdown on the true nature of the cancer we're dealing with. Let's just say it's not pretty. Appointment with oncologist for radiation/chemo set for Tuesday. While the normal way of dealing with this type of cancer is the surgery, it appears that my wonderful husband has some unusual type/deviation, which is something not nearly as easily dismissed.

The hardest part of this whole thing is that the patient in question is possibly the most kind, engaging, thoughtful, handsome, beloved guy on the planet. You know that bad things happen to good people, but it should NOT happen to someone like him! Ever!!

Now, the fight begins. Unfortunately, our financial resources will make it much more difficult to maintain the standard of healthcare necessary to have a strong chance of beating this thing.

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