Friday, January 27, 2012

"We're calling to confirm Ken's appointment for...

Ken's first appointment at the Cancer Center
I thought y'all would like to see a picture of  what an average day looks like at one of our many appointments. Lots of waiting...

This picture was taken at Ken's very first appointment at the Cancer Center in Salisbury, MD where he will be undergoing his radiation and chemo treatments. The offices are quite amazing and maze-like. The staff seems to be very caring and professional. The PET scan and feeding tube insertion will be done at different facilities, but, virtually everything else, will take place here.

But, until we get the final treatment plan calendar, we wait...

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  1. Good Morning Paula,
    Thank you so much for sharing Ken's picture. He looks GREAT.
    Paula we appreciate so much you journaling so that we can all keep up with what you are going through. It makes us feel a part of your very special family.
    As always Ruben and I continue to pray for all involved in "putting Ken back together again" and often speak of all of you during the day. I know you know how much Ruben and I love your family and though we are not there in person we are always there in spirit.
    Ruben and I celebrated our 11th anniversary yesterday and believe you me, we have learned not to take each other for granted and to make the most of every day together.
    Have a blessed day,
    Mary & Ruben