Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Another day, another doctor...

The consult with our medical oncologist went well. She is very good and her staff is hilarious. It has been determined that Ken will, indeed, require chemo as well as radiation to really get the most bang for our buck. There were several scenarios from which to choose, and Ken has decided that a once a week IV dosing is the way to go. It will take about half the day to deliver, however the dosage will be somewhat less, so more easily tolerated. The chemo will begin along with the radiation and run about the same period of time.

We will try to get the appointment for the feeding tube insertion in between the PET scan, and the medical oncologist final plan/blood work appointment and the radiation simulation appointment the end of January. So many appointments, so little time!

This morning Ken will have his dentist visit to make his fluoride trays, get an complete exam, and have a cleaning. (Would someone explain to me why dental work ordered by a doctor is NOT considered a medical expense by health insurance????)

Anyway, Ken is taking it all in stride, and cracking jokes, as usual. The paperwork mounts. Kind of surprised that a medical/cancer center that is all computerized to allow for easy access to all records still requires a whole new set of paperwork each and every time you enter the building. How many copies of medications, family histories, etc., are really necessary for one patient?? I guess we should be very grateful that we don't have to travel between appointments (except for the dentist, the PET scan, the feeding tube insertion...).

After today, we should have a little down time to contemplate our navels and eat  bon bons. Gotta keep shoveling on the weight, right? (Yes, Ken has been putting on a few pounds!! Yay!)

Jess has a buddy from PA coming tonight to hang out for a couple days. Glad he will get a little well-earned diversion. He's been a rock and we are so grateful to have him here!

Alright, enough already...time to head to the next appointment. Hope your day is wonderful with splashes of humor and joy.

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