Monday, March 19, 2012

Winter's finally ending...

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!!  I guess my mind was on other things...anyway, Happy Last Day of Winter!!
It has been such a mild winter here (and we are extremely grateful), that our change over to spring is really more like a leap into summer. Not a bad thing, really. It'll be easier for Ken to keep warm!

Today we crossed off radiation treatment # 22. Ken's appointment with his radiation oncologist went well. Still on track for weight, blood levels, and all that we need to keep this therapy working in our favor. While Ken did have to use his feeding tube over the weekend, he actually managed to gain a pound. This morning his throat was a little better, and he even ate a little Cream of Wheat along with his liquid sustenance. This guy is a trooper.

We decided to post this video to give you an idea of what Ken's radiation treatment is like, as far as time goes. Just watch and listen. Multiply this by sixteen (16). That's how many times the circuit runs this program around Ken's head, neck, and upper chest each session. When you are in the waiting room, it seems to go on forever...

Can't wait for spring,

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