Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hitting the wall really hurts...

This week has proven to be most brutal. Kens throat has now decided to take some downtime, so the new nutrition of choice will be Jevity liquid supplement. (I remember the name by thinking of jovial...don't ask.) Our first attempt last night wasn't pretty. I don't think I would've been up for another go, but Ken was ready this morning and things went much more smoothly! While this option is a medical necessity, it also presents a dilemma for me. Am I really supposed to feel comfortable cooking meals for myself when Ken can smell everything, but not be able to partake of anything?? I am really at a loss! While he would not want me to even think twice about this, it really, really bothers me. It'll all work out...just stinks!

Now, as to the important matter at hand: We want to thank you all, once again, for your steadfast friendships and many words of encouragement. Your generosity of spirit has been more than appreciated, and I thought I would take a couple of pictures to show you how your cards are kept available for Ken to meander through every day. A little whimsy in their presentation just helps to keep things light. Ha!

Wishing y'all a relaxing and/or profitable weekend,


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