Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Daylight savings time made our drive to the cancer center a little more interesting this morning. Wow, was it dark! (Since I am night blind and we drive a whole lot of back country get the idea.) But, we made it  on time, and Ken is officially on the second half of his treatments. Woo HOO!!

We'll be watching Ken's weight a bit closer now, as he is experiencing some difficulty with food tasting like paste. He was a bit finicky until the doctor told him this morning that weight loss is not an option. If he loses weight in his face (and we all know that his chipmunk cheeks are the first to shrink), we would have to delay treatment while a new mask was constructed. The possibility of the treatment not being as specific as necessary, and the outcome being less than anticipated...well, he ate on the way home. He ate when he got home. He is contemplating the use of the feeding tube. Whatever works (new motto for the week).

Tomorrow will be a long day, but much more manageable now that our appointment times are closer together.

Ken is napping with the dog at his feet, and the cat on the headrest of his recliner. I would take a picture, but if he woke up I would have to kick myself!!

Happy Monday!

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