Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At least it's not snowing...

Someone at the hospital told me that today is Wednesday. I am taking them at their word, as I really haven't a clue. Yes, I said the hospital...again! So, on Monday night about 9 pm Ken got really, really nauseous and the next hour or so wasn't pretty. Finally got things settled down and Ken went to bed. He woke me up at 11 pm saying he felt kind of sick again. I went to get the thermometer, bucket, towels, etc., and by the time I made it to the bedroom I looked at Ken and thought he was having a seizure. When I realized that his head wasn't involved in the hoopla and saw he was trying to tell me something, it was obvious that he had chills so bad that his body was literally being lifted off of the bed. Checked his temperature and found no elevation. That freaked me out and I told him we were heading to the ER. Then he started to be sick again, so I packed everything up and woke Jess to fill him in, and we headed to the hospital around midnight.

We were in the emergency room (actually IN a room being taken care of) until 5 am. The decision to keep Ken was made and we went up to his lovely, comfortable, and private room on the oncology floor. Everyone was glad (?) to see us back again, of course being unhappy for the circumstances that brought us there.

Ken was scheduled for chemo on Tuesday, but Dr. Wu said that it wouldn't happen then, and that his blood counts were all nasty. She said we could maybe have it later in the week, but needed to see what the problem was and see if things could be brought back to normal first.

So, long story simply not worth going into, Ken continued with his radiation treatments, so he's now down to SIX (6). He had his chemotherapy today and may be released tomorrow. Blood levels back where they should be and all is right with the world!

Sorry I didn't let y'all know sooner, however, we were a little busy, as you can imagine.

The funny for today was...Ken's hair!! No picture, 'cuz he said "NO!", but trust me...FUNNY! Haa.

Gotta roll, give yourselves hugs from us, OK?


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  1. Continue to pray for you! You're sure on a roller coaster ride. Love you much ! Shirley