Saturday, March 24, 2012

Single digits...

This week has been so ridiculously busy, I can't even remember everything we did! Glad it is over and our actual treatment countdown has begun: 9 days and counting!!!!!Everyone needs to keep their fingers and toes crossed that there are no more delays, or diminished blood levels, or full moons until Ken can wrap this thing up. OK? Is it a deal??

While the radiation is winding down, they are taking a pretty heavy toll on our boy. He has had to deal with some heavy duty burns on his neck (and in his throat), some nausea (controlled with medication), and a whole lot of exhaustion. We anticipate a rough ending to this treatment, but are really trying to look toward a positive end result. Sometimes that is what allows us to get into the car and head back to do it all again on Monday morning.

Our weather has been pretty amazing this week. As a matter of fact, it was so great that I took our mower on it's maiden voyage of discovery around the acreage. Thought if I could at least get the back forty cut, I could finish up the next day. As I  mow, I tend to hit a Zen-like state and forget what I should be doing sometimes. I completed the back, and headed toward the side yard. Forgetting that I hadn't eaten yet that day, and was really tired, I rounded the corner and started with the front of the house. Heading down the driveway, after cutting a few long swaths alongside, I hit the fence...literally. I hit the fence going full speed ahead, and sat there holding my breath, waiting for the fence to fall down. Geez! No skid marks, no attempt to hit the brake. Just ran smack into the fence and started to laugh. Yes, I took a break, ate some lunch and finished up about 4 pm. Guess what? That's not even our humor for the day.

Here it is: So, we had a week long early morning fog fest. Not just fog...FOG! As we headed out each morning, waaayy before sun up, we carefully drove (crawled) to the hospital. Well, yesterday as we were making our way down the dark and foggy road, I noticed a whole lot of little critters scattered about, the victims of carelessness and cars colliding. Of course, I was driving so slowly, that when a bunny hopped out in front of me from the side of the road, I slowed down and he made it safely to the other side. But, then his slower brother decided to meander out and almost made it, then reversed and ran under my tire. I swear. He ran into ME. Anyway, I was devastated. I asked Ken if I should stop...yeah he looked at me funny, too. We went on to Ken's appointment. So, afterwards I considered taking another route home, to avoid seeing the carnage I had created earlier that morning. We both decided to just tough it out and go the shorter route home. Anticipating the nasty on the roadway, the fog having cleared enough by now to see the roadway, I kept watch...and then we reached the place the bunny met his end. Aha! No bunny. So I said to Ken, " Well good. Maybe I just winged him and he hopped back home." And Ken replied, " Great! So now maybe there will be an Easter after all."

Hope your weekend is bright,

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