Friday, March 2, 2012

Ken wants to know...

I don't think I will ever take weekends for granted again!! Saturdays are now the Holy Grail. We do not for ANY reason have to leave the house on Saturday. We can get some rest..

So, yesterday Ken says to me, "I really would like to try my radiation with a kernel of popcorn in my mouth. I want to know if it would pop."

Jesse took Ken into work this morning, and I will pick him up in a little while. He thinks he will be there until noon...NOT! He is really missing work and all of his friends. A homebody, Ken is not. Glad he feels up to getting out a little bit today. Yesterday was kinda hard on him, but today seems a little better.

Thought you might like to see the "magic door" I wrote about yesterday. Really thought you might like to see Kenny coming out of the "magic door".
Oh, we really want to send a special thanks to Eric (for his great help in allowing Ken's family to access this blog), and Caitlin and Madison for the wonderful handmade cards they sent to cheer up their Uncle Kenny. We appreciate all y'all!!

Enjoy YOUR weekend...

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