Monday, March 26, 2012

Nine minus one equals...

Eight more radiation treatments until the treatment plan is finished!!! Ken had blood work this morning and we checked to see that his levels would be adequate to allow for chemotherapy to resume tomorrow. The white count was a tiny bit low, but we think they will let the chemo happen (since we couldn't have it last week).

Ken's neck looks like he fell asleep under a sun lamp for a week. He'll need to slather on lots of the special  lotion the doctor recommended, or there may be some skin breakdown. If that happens, we may have to delay some of the radiation...NOOOOOOO!  We won't let that happen.  They say that a difficult second half of this treatment means that the treatment is really working well against the tumor. We hope they are correct! We KNOW it is working!!

Snapped this picture of Ken and Joey last night. They kinda look alike now that Joey has his summer cut and Ken shaved off his beard. What? You don't see the resemblance??

We hope your days are full of sun,

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