Thursday, February 9, 2012

Like the first day of school...

Good Morning! The first order of business shall be the pronouncement that Ken will begin his treatments on February 14, 2012. Happy Valentines Day!! We are getting geared up to get this thing underway, and hope everyone involved brings their "A Game" each and every day!

We received a packet of information, along with more forms to fill out, from a doctor we didn't know we were going to be seeing. I called to find out what this was about, and we were referred by the original doctor that had told us we wouldn't be needing an endocrinologist. Surprise! They had made an appointment, but I will let them know if it will work once we have final time for radiation, etc. Gotta love those little surprises, right?

Speaking of surprises, Ken had a lovely one when he opened his email a couple days ago. He had received the sweetest note from Jaclyn Smith (think original Charlie's Angels). She had worked with Ken a few years back, and a little bird let her know about his situation (tweet tweet), and she didn't hesitate to reach out and let Ken know that her husband's mom had had something similar, and Brad (her husband, a pediatric cardiologist) would be more than happy to talk with Ken about things any time. She had her own fight with breast cancer a few years back, and is VERY involved in anything related to cancer research and fund raising, etc. Ken had told me she was a very special person...glad to be able to agree!!

Now for today's humor-  Ken and Jess went off to work together this morning, so I wouldn't have to make the trip (and they could catch up on Jess's birthday escapades). After my usual litany of, "Do you have your wallet, watch, keys, lunch, everything???", and my usual exasperated response of, "Yeah, gotta go.", I had a thought of grabbing my phone to snap a quick picture of the boys heading off (like any mom would do on the first day of school, right:). Of course, as I reached for my phone I saw the stack of papers for work, the thank you note for a special co-worker, and the mail. So, I ran to the garage with all the forgotten stuff in hand, raised the garage door, and ran like a mad fool down the driveway (about 1/10th mile), waving my arms and yelling, "Stop!!!", at the top of my voice. They didn't even slow down. I ran inside and sent a text to Ken, but his phone is turned off. (Why????). I sent a text to Jess to tell his dad that he forgot all his stuff, and asked that he let him know I would bring it by later. Arghhhh... so much for saving mom a trip! Go ahead. Chuckle. Sure hope the neighbors didn't see me in my jammies...

Here's hoping for a glorious day!

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