Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's nice to be home again...

Ken was released from the hospital late this morning, after having another successful radiation treatment (five down, thirty to go). We received a stack of medical information about all of the new medications we would have to pick up at the pharmacy on the way home (and yes, as usual, our insurance denied at least one prescription). Before this diagnosis the only things in our medicine cabinet were vitamins and aspirin. How things have changed.

The gals on the oncology floor were glad to see Ken get to go home, but were quick to remind him that they were looking forward to seeing him again on Tuesday. What?? Oh, it appears that Ken will be receiving his long chemo treatments on the oncology floor of the hospital  instead of in the infusion room from now on. So, he won't be sharing a room with fifteen or so other folks...our Kenny will have a private room with a cable ready t.v., private bathroom, and food service. Where do I sign up?? (No, seriously...where do I sign up?) Hahaha.

We hope to be back on track starting tomorrow morning. Glad we only have two more super early trips to the hospital this week. Something tells me that there is a "sleep late and stay in pajamas all day" kind of day coming up this weekend. Next week will be here before we know it, and it'll be time to start again.  But, we are very grateful and relieved that Ken is home where he belongs!!!

Take it easy, y'all,

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  1. Yeah for home...yeah for a day of jammies & resting!