Friday, February 17, 2012

Glad it's today, looking forward to tomorrow...

I must admit that my knickers were in a twist when I blogged last night. But, it was understandable, right? The good news is that today is a better day because Ken is a whole lot better. He will probably be in the hospital another day or so, but he was able to have his radiation treatment today, and his infection was caught before it went septic.He says he is feeling so much less pain, and will be able to rest tonight.

The hospital wanted to call the doctor that had inserted the feeding PEG to come and check it out, and I said NO! We requested a different doctor, and he was very kind, intelligent, patient, and understanding as to why we requested someone else (even though they are from the same gastro group). All I had to do was show him the surgical notes, the full color CT pictures of the esophageal tear, and let him know that no follow up appointment was deemed necessary. Glad that the new doctor was able to get the tube moved around and cleaned out so Ken shouldn't need any exploratory surgery, or re-seating of the PEG. WHEW!!

Can't believe how close this came to being really, really bad...but, grateful and relieved that it is looking good.
Can't wait to get Ken home (where he belongs)!


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  1. We're praying for you guys and glad that the infection was caught quickly and you got a new dr without problem. All our Love!!!