Sunday, February 19, 2012

The hospital has valet parking...

Good morning. I apologize for not checking in yesterday, good excuse except being too tired.

Ken is still in the hospital, and no one has a Get Out of Jail Free card. His blood counts look pretty good, and his pressure and heart rate are almost normal. The good news is that he is gaining weight and ambulatory. I am bringing some sweat pants this morning so he doesn't feel so exposed while he does his laps around the floor.

A special thanks to our friend Jan H. for giving her church a heads up about our situation. While I have not yet had opportunity to call Pastor Joel, I really want to thank y'all for supporting us in thoughts and prayers.

I tried to talk Ken into allowing a photo, but, until he can get his hair under control...

Anyway, I am going to head up to the hospital in a minute and see how our patient is doing. We are very thankful that he has had such great care, and that everyone on the oncology floor has been so very, very kind and thoughtful. It is pretty cool that the hospital has valet parking when the lots get full. Sure saves time when you are trying to get inside in a hurry!

Just a note: my phone is acting up so another one had to be ordered yesterday. Hopefully, I will actually receive my calls as people place them and not have them go straight to voice mail. Now I just need to have someone at the house to sign for it. We'll figure it out.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for caring.

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  1. Paula---my husband retired last year & was looking for a p/time job. One of the local hospitals has valet parking service & he now does that...he LOVES it---says the people are always so appreciative of this service & he has sure met some super nice people! Glad to hear your patient is better...& hope he gets to come home soon.