Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work Ken goes...

Ken had an appointment with his ENT surgeon this morning. The doctor is good, but he must have mild ADD, because he was in the middle of a sentence when he decided to step out to get a prescription pad and never came back. A nurse arrived a short time later with the prescription (that needed to be pre-authorized by our insurance, and wasn't), and Ken had to ask her if his appointment was over. We may have the prescription in the next five to seven days...

I had eluded to the fact that Ken was wanting to get back to work a couple days ago, and he talked me into taking him to Walmart for groceries on Sunday, as a trial run.. I didn't want to go to Walmart on Sunday, and Ken was sorry he had gone as we were swept up in the madness that is Walmart on Super Bowl Sunday. Oh, the humanity!!!
Anyway, he was pretty tuckered out, but determined to try to work on Monday. Ken managed to go in for a few hours (totally losing his voice), and felt good for having tried to get some work done. Barring any complications, he will try to work from Thursday through Sunday. This is all dependent on whether or not he continues to get stronger, regains some of his weight (lost due to the surgery), and if the Radiation/Chemo begins the 13th or 14th as planned.

Jess turns twenty-two on Wednesday. We sent him packing off to Pennsylvania to spend a couple days with his friends. Sure hope he has a good time!

Well, I have started to stockpile my Russell Stover chocolates for the nurses. Always a good idea to keep those hard-working gals happy. Especially when they're taking care of my sweet husband!!

Hope your day was special.

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