Monday, June 4, 2012

Oatmeal, not so good...

Since these blogs seem to be getting farther and farther apart, it must be assumed that Ken is doing better. Our patience is wearing a bit thin as we really want to get back to normal (or some facsimile thereof). We miss the simple act of eating a meal together, or going for a walk outside, or taking a long drive to some outlet malls where the afternoon can be spent wandering around aimlessly. Ah, someday...

Ken is doing fairly well with his pudding, jello, peaches, and bananas...but, don't ask about the oatmeal incident. Ewwww. (I had a graphic description to share, but I better not. Just suffice it to say that the little oats decided not participate in the swallowing process.)

The next doctor appointment is Wednesday. (Just a one month follow-up with blood work.) Then there is another doctor to visit the next Tuesday. Too much fun, right?

Okay. The humor we scraped together for y'all is actually an adorable photo of Ken explaining to Joey that "his boy" wouldn't be coming home from work. Poor Joey. He's truly bummed. We can only hope he'll rebound soon.

We hope your week is wonderful.

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