Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ease on down the road...

While doctor visits, in general, tend to be time-consuming and oftentimes frustrating, yesterday's appointment went quite well. The surgeon felt that Ken had made a most stunning recovery since his last visit six weeks ago. While everything is not yet healed, the vocal chords seem to be doing what they can to overcome the nerve damage and irradiation they have endured. Actually, the doc seemed somewhat amazed that Ken's voice was as intact as it is, and so soon. Yippee!!

Ken has been attempting a modified work schedule which allows him to be on site and extend days/hours as he is able, without total exhaustion (and working in feeding with his tube), and enjoying every minute of it. He is now able to be understood when he speaks, and really feels that he is able to contribute again. Maybe he isn't back to normal, but, what is normal anymore? We continue to be strong in our resolve that this will soon fade into a dark memory to be overshadowed by a brighter future!! Right? Right!

As for Joey and his apparent misunderstanding regarding the disappearance of Jess, well, Ken had to sit him down and really lay it out once and for all. After the "discussion", Joey decided to find his play-time bone (aka the Pacifier), and really go to town. We all find comfort where we can...

Today I will be packing up the first of what I imagine will be many, many care packages for Jess. It appears that the boy may have found an apartment near campus...but, still needs to secure gainful employment. Ah, to be young and have so many less fears about striking out on your own. Godspeed my son...we have confidence that you will succeed in reaching your distant horizon with style and grace.

So, we bid you all adieu for now. Enjoy the sunshine and all of your many blessings,

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