Thursday, June 7, 2012

Better every day...

So, how are you doing today? Did you get out of bed with a bounce? We can only hope...

Ken's appointment with the medical oncologist went well. He seems to be on par with the healing process for the type of treatment he's endured. Actually, taking into account the setbacks (pneumonia, infections, and dehydration), he's doing quite well indeed! We are attempting to map out a schedule to allow him more time at work without total exhaustion. Really, everyone has been beyond kind and understanding. This whole cancer thing involves a recovery curve that can be very slooowww. Ken doesn't handle slooowww very well. But, his voice seems to be better this morning (as he seems to have coughed up some sort of bloody tissue last night), and we'll just see how long it lasts today. (Yeah, graphic again. Y'all have been with us through the nasty. At least now it brings positive result, right?)

Personally, I felt that Ken looked exceptionally dapper and "healthy" yesterday. As he is now up about ten pounds, the overall look is much, much better. That being said, here's a picture snapped in the elevator on the way to the appointment. What's your opinion?
Thanks for all the support. We would never be able to handle all of this without y'all!!!!

1 comment:

  1. My Wonderful Ken... always looking good and always good looking.
    I miss hearing from you. Thank you so much Paula for being his voice!!

    I talked to Jack last week. He told me all about the "Ken" event and how wonderful it was to see Jesse. I'm so happy Jesse is doing so well.

    Paula, you are one awesome lady !! I appreciate all you do to keep us posted on Ken. You two are very special to me!!

    Sending lots of hugs and kisses :)