Thursday, June 28, 2012

The little things that count...

You are right! I have been remiss in not keeping you up-to-date with regards to Ken's PET scan, etc. The reason nothing was posted is because...wait for was POSTPONED! The insurance company decided that we had to wait an additional week before the PET would be covered, so the test has been rescheduled for July 5th!!  Let's just hope that we have more to celebrate than Independence Day that weekend, right?

Ken has been going to work in the mornings and attending special meetings as needed. He feels that if he could simply handle the feeding at lunchtime, he would be able to try a full schedule again. The feeding is still a problem in that his ability to swallow is not yet to a point where he is able to take enough calories by mouth to eliminate the Jevity/Ensure concoction. While he is continuing to progress, the speed with which it is occurring is not optimal according to the "Ken Schedule".

While many of you are now seeing Ken's furry face more frequently, (oh yeah, his chin is sprouting hairs once again!!) those of you that are checking in from a distance may enjoy this picture of Ken getting ready to head in to work.
As you can see, Ken is beginning to look more like "Ken" again. We can't complain that he looks like a stick figure anymore...Yay!!!!

We wish you all a wonderful Fourth of July (holiday or not),

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